Monday, November 3, 2008

An April Halloween

Halloween is always a good reason to have a party and get dressed up in scary costumes. This Halloween, all manner of ghosts, ghouls, witches, and fairies descended upon Saha April English school for the first April English Halloween Party.

Lots of games, activities and snacks kept everyone entertained, and ensured that teachers went home exhausted! Here are some pictures of students and staff on the day.
This is Leah, of Sprout 3. She won a best costume prize.
These are the lovely front desk girls, Jenny and Kerry, ready to terrify any students who walk in the door.
And this is David, another administration staff member, failing to scare Cindy before class.
Liz Teacher, Grace Teacher, Nancy Teacher, Ashley Teacher and Jenny before class.
Here is a Seedbed 2 class dilligently doing their review tests.
Here is Seed 1 at play, and at work.
Not all costumes were scary.
This is Mark of Seed 1. He came dressed as a homicidal pumpkin.
This is Jane, proud to be Snow White for the day.
A fairy and a wizard.
Expelliamus!! Kate casts a spell.
Seed 1 enjoying themselves.
Alex came as a cow. Guess which one he is.
This is Wizard Angela.
This is Grace Teacher, Luke, Paul, Simon Teacher, Liz Teacher and James Teacher doing their best to look scary.
And rounding out this post is Ben. Scary?

'Til next time!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On October 12th 2008, the 15 CDI and April English branches from Busan and Changwon cities met together at the grounds of Yeonsan Middle School for a company-wide sports day. Events included Foot Baseball, Tug-of-war, Karaoke and Dodgeball. In the end, a lot of laughs were had and many new friendships between the branches were made.
Such events are symbolic of the cohesion and friendliness between the CDI South community and we look forward to the next gathering at the end of the year.

Warm up exercises in the morning.

The dodgeball matches were hotly contended.

For lunch, the company spent US$1500 on food, including two roast pigs, as well as $500 on beer! It's just our way of saying "Thank you for all your hard work!"

Who wants a scooter ride with the CEO?

The object of this game was to hold the material so that someone could race across it

Teamwork is vital whenever you have a giant floating ball to bounce

Massaging each others shoulders in preparation for Tug-o-war!

Glenn Shriver clocking around 75 mph on the turn. Note the faint trail of vaporised sand in his wake.

A flawless baton exchange between Mr Hong, the Gwangan branch manager and Mrs Lee, the Hwamyeong April manager

A Photo finish. By sacrificing his body, Mr Hong wins the day with a perfectly timed dive at lightning speed.

Jef Robison and Amanda Johnson lighten the mood with some stand-up comedy.

It was an enjoyable day for all. Come and join us next time!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Substitute class

A couple of photos from Mr Lee's substitute classes.

This is Mr Lee's old Memory Mega class that he got to teach again last week. Look at the face of Kate in the front row. That's how happy she is to see her old teacher again!

Angela and David still like to volunteer for every single reading passage. That's a good way to improve your reading ability.

How often do you get to read in class?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

April Fun!

April English Saha is still going well. We have moved to a different building, and now have six teachers and around 140 students. Here are the teachers with some of their classes....

This is Simon Teacher with Seedbed 2-1. They are very enthusiastic and fast learners.

This is Liz Teacher with Seed 2. They are one of the oldest classes at April, and are usually pretty well behaved.

This is Claire Teacher with the friendly students of Seed 1. They have learnt the alphabet and are now studying sentences!

This is Jordan Teacher with Seedbed 2. Jordan is a CDI teacher who is helping us out at April until we get a new permanent teacher. 

This is Kaitlyn Teacher with Pre-seedbed. These students are learning the alphabet, some for the first time. They also learn fun stories like, "Hello Zebra. Hello Elephant. Hello Tiger. Hello Bear."

This is Gracie Teacher with Sprout 1. Sprout students are the most advanced, and these students are doing well. Jack (center) sometimes gets very excited and likes to run to the front of the room and back again. 

That's all for now!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Andrew's amazing pencil-drumming skills

Here are the Memory Giga students studying hard.

Vocabulary tests occur on the second lesson of the week. If you don't do your homework, they are difficult to pass.

During the test, a lot of concentration is needed. So the Monday/Friday class always do their test in silence. The only sound to be heard is from the occasional rubbing of an eraser on paper.

Here's Angela, who likes to practice her English. Angela is saying "Hello Saha students!"

Here is some extension work from Memory Tera. The students were asked to come up with a happy ending for Shakespeare's Hamlet. In Sunny's story, every ends up having a party and getting married.

In Veronica's version of events, a good doctor brings the dead king back to life! If you study hard, you can be a good doctor too.

Here's Andrew and Annie from Birdie reading. They like to play with their phones during breaktimes because they are not allowed to turn them on during lesson. Do you always remember to turn your phone off during class?

Andrew likes to sit at the front of the class so that he can be closer to the action.

Here he is showing us his amazing drumming skills! If you would like to learn this from him, you can find him during breaktimes.

- Written by Mr Lee

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some EC3 and Par student work

Here's some extension work completed over break times, brought to you from Saha's Par and EC3 classes. Click to enlarge!

Alyssa completed the end of the story 'Karen and the Artist'. In Alyssa's ending, Karen and Antonio get married and have a baby. This is a recurring theme in much of her creative writing. Thanks Alyssa!

In Daniel's version of events, there is an exhibition and Antonio makes a lot of money. If you study English well, you can make a lot of money too.

Joon knows that Mr Lee is a big fan of Yi So-Yeon, the first Korean astronaut. So Joon took the story into space with the International Space Station. Mr Lee likes this story a lot, even though it ends in tragedy.

Meanwhile, in Par Reading, the students have been learning about the water cycle. Jason says that the cycling reminds him of a Moebius strip, an infinite loop with a singular plane.

This is Lilly's interpretation which has a decidedly minimalistic feel to it.

Emily drew a nice picture of some precipitation. In real life though, it rarely falls as rain, snow and hail at the same time. As the Par students all now know, it actually depends on the temperature at the moment of condensation.

And here's a picture of Mr Lee's favourite ramyeon on his desk. It's good that the PC room upstairs sells it.

Thanks for all your good work everyone!